The Young Hunters Program is a community-based project designed to develop sustainable harvesting practices in youth between the ages of 8 - 18 years old.


Extensive work has been done with community Elders to document the knowledge and skills required for youth to become masters in sustainable harvesting and environmental monitoring. These are also inherent to becoming capable, confident and contributing community members as according to inunnguiniq (Inuit principles for becoming capable). Elders have stated that a critical skill for Inuit was close observation of the environment. Ujjiqsuiniq is the process that enables one to monitor and observe with confidence and ultimately to be prepared for different outcomes.

Participants in the program gain skills and knowledge through time spent with experienced elders and instructors by engaging in local hunting activities. Through this, the youth also gain confidence and perspective that will aid them long after they leave the program. 

young hunters group 2.png