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The mentoring project was developed out of the Young Hunters' Program. There was a need discovered that a number of young adult men wished to learn new skills. From this a short project was developed that paired young men with experienced Elders and community mentors to facilitate skills development and learning. The intent is for young men to identify for themselves the kinds of skills they would like to explore and the program is built around that.


Ulu Making

Qamutik Building

Mapping and Way-Finding

Land Camping Trip

Inuit Cultural Values

Expectations for Living a Good Life

Men's Healing Camps

A pilot project of a Men's Healing Camp was also run with the intent of bringing individuals struggling with various issues outside the constraints and pressures of their daily lives. The purpose of this was to give them the space to process and heal while spending time in a camp setting engaged in traditional camp life activities. Through this connection to tradition, participants were able to better connect with themselves and each other and come to realize that they have each other, that no one is struggling alone. The goal at the end of the program was to create a support network of community members and participants to continue the healing process at home.

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