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Community Wellness

Arviat, Nunavut

The Aqqiumavvik Society is a community alliance of public, mental and community health groups in Arviat, Nunavut.

Aqqiumavvik practices a Community Identified approach, meaning all research, services and programs are developed based on the needs as identified by the community itself.

A key approach of the Aqqiumavvik Society is to use research to build good evidence for strong programming. We address community generated concerns by posing research questions that will enable us to seek useful solutions to improve our own situation. The emphasis is on unleashing the capacity within our community to achieve our wellness goals. 

Projects cover a wide range of wellness areas and target issues that are environmental, social, family, community, and health related. Often working together with other local organizations and always with the direction of Elders and community, the programming run through Aqqiumavvik  is continually developing and adapting to needs and realities of Arviat.

The Aqqiumavvik Society was once the Arviat Wellness Centre and continues to operate the programming previously run as well as new and expanded programs.  

Our Elders say that information has no value if it is not shared. This emphasis that our Elders place on sharing of information is what helps us to be able to live sustainably as a community. When we share what we see, what we experience, what we think about, it creates opportunity to collectively build a better understanding. This is a responsibility for each of us if we are to continue to live successfully as a community.




Healthy Community

We will focus on becoming a healthy community that builds capacity; is self assured, caring, and responds to the needs of individuals and families.

Individual Wellbeing

We will promote simplicity and unity where people come first and are responsible and accountable for their own wellbeing through a wellness planning process that is integrated and facilitates access to services.

Skills Development

We will promote continued learning where people acquire the skills they need to increase independence and prosperity while preserving culture, values and language of origin. 

Community Based

We will promote self-reliance through facilitating community processes that are dedicated to directing our own destiny by working together, co-operating and focusing the collective resources that are available to achieve maximum health and wellbeing for every resident.




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