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Healthier Choices for Children and Youth

The aim of our project is to improve child health outcomes and reduce risk factors for chronic disease through providing information to children. It was expected that the children would become message carriers, sharing this knowledge about healthy choices with their families. We collected data to give us an accurate nutritional profile for children ages 4-12 years in Arviat. Based on this data, key intervention messages about choosing strong foods for a strong life were developed by youth to carry out into the community. The engagement of children and youth as key message carries was expected to have a more significant impact on family choices than the standard approach of public health messaging.

We believe that parents and children want to be healthy and to make healthy choices. In order to do that well, they require strong, straight forward information and the community supports necessary to make better choices. Children are the best change agents in a community and can effectively reset the rules for healthier choices within their families.


The Inusiqsiarniq goals for Arviat are grounded in the overall community wellness strategy message of “It’s Us”— it is up to each of us to be able to lead a good life through understanding and applying healthier choices.


Healthier Choices - Healthier Outcomes

Arviat children, youth and families will demonstrate competence in their ability to make healthier lifestyle choices.


KT for Life

Arviat children, youth and families will become actively engaged in improving personal health and advocating for improved health outcomes for the community (the “It’s Us” message).


Arviat children, youth and families will become knowledgeable about their personal nutrition profile and understand the ways to improve that profile for lifelong health.


Inusiqsiarniq - Inuit led healthy lives that were respectful of and responsive to the environment, the animals, the individual and the group

Pilimmaksarniq - Healthy living requires knowledge and skills—this project is directed at providing every member of the community with the knowledge and skills to make healthier personal choices. People make poor choices because they have not been given good information.

Piliriqatigiingniq - Collectively as a community we can support improved health outcomes. By targeting our large child & youth population, we target the best message carriers in our community—if a child believes in the importance of making healthy choices, s/he will take that message into the home and family 

Qanuqtururangniq - Individuals and families need to become more conscious and reflective about choices they make daily.

Children as message carriers - The use of children as message carriers derived from cultural practices and understandings with regards to the knowledge and discernment of children.


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