Activity 4



Mariano Aupilaarjuq said, “The future comes from us …It becomes very difficult to plan and prepare for the future when we disregard all the guideposts that were laid out to give us direction. This is the real challenge for future generations. What laws and beliefs will they use to lead them to live a good life?"

From Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: What Inuit Have Always Known to be True, edited by Joe Karetak, Frank Tester and Shirley Tagalik, p. 181

Pilimmaksarniq for Inuit was about becoming self-reliant and capable of meeting the needs of others. This requires training and practice.


What are the areas where you would like to become

more capable?

The Elders quoted in these financial literacy series all stress that we need to safeguard our future by thinking ahead and planning for a life without shortage and difficulties.

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